Monday, November 21, 2011

7 Months! & A Rodgers Update!

Well I am 7 months along now & in my 3rd Trimester! In my 29th Week to be exact :) I gotta go take my glucose test tomorrow which should be a blast... not! ha. Baby Ryan is growing great and moving around like crazy ALL the time! Which has made sleeping a challenge. The third trimester has definitely brought on some crappy symptoms that I didn't have to deal with during the second trimester. I wish I could just to the second trimester twice in a row haha!

Saturday we put up our Christmas tree! Early, I know but we won't be in town next weekend because we are going to Washington to visit my family so we put it up early:)
Cody getting the ornaments all set up
Our Tree :)

Sunday we went on a drive up in the mountains :) And we found some snow! Yay!:)

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