Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Fun Fun Fun!!

Last night, we went with Cody's cousin Stevie & her cousin Skylar to the Eric Church Concert at the fair. It was SO much fun:) It had been over two years since I had been to a concert! Eric Church was AMAZING!!! It made me like his music even more! And since i'm 16 weeks along now, the baby can hear things going on outside the womb! So, it was baby rodgers' very first concert :)

Sunday night, we went bowling with my best friend Tashianna and her boyfriend Nick! It was so fun! Especially since Cody and I rarely get out of the house anymore haha! I won the first game which was pretty awesome since i'm the pregnant lady and I won :) but then I badly lost the second game. But all in all, it was a blast!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

15th Week

Man, oh man, oh man is this baby growing like crazy!!! He is moving SO much lately, it feels like a little fish swimming around in my belly! It's a weird feeling but also a very interesting & fascinating one. Cody hasn't been able to feel baby yet. Hopefully within the next week the kicks will get stronger and Cody will be able to feel it. 

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Busy Busy Weekend

So this past weekend we had such a busy weekend!
We went golfing in the morning then to the horse races at 4pm then went to dinner with my best friend Marissa who was in town visiting.
Cody & I at the horse races
We went to the Nightfire Drag Races and spent all day and night out there! It was so much fun & a lot of people from Cody's work were there too. But after a non-stop day on Saturday & Sunday, in the heat and walking a bunch... I was EXHAUSTED!! That busy of a weekend is a little much for a pregnant lady :) But none the less, it was a lot of fun! And it's very rare that Cody and I actually go out and do things!!

So, now its 18 days until the wedding!! It's soo close! I get my dress back from the seamstress tomorrow and I am very excited! I am so ready to be Mrs. Rodgers :)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

14th Week:)

Wow time is flying! We are in the 14th week already! I am loving being pregnant, especially since the first trimester is over. The first was pretty rough... nauceas ALL the time and so tired I could barely do anything! Now that I am finally starting to feel better, I am absolutely loving it. And Cody is actually getting dinner made for him again ha :) Also, believe it or not, the wedding is only 23 days away!! We are sooo excited! It got here so fast! I had to go get my dress altered yesterday (due to the baby)! The seamstress said she can let it out enough so that's a huge relief!
On the 1st I had to go in for another ultrasound to get everything checked cuz after our camping trip in Bear Lake I wasn't feeling very good! At the ultrasound, everything looked absolutely PERFECT!! During the ultrasound... I asked if she could tell at all what the baby was going to be.. she looked around and said that she was leaning more towards boy because there was definitely something sticking out! She said not to start painting a nursery but she was pretty sure its gonna be a boy! We don't wanna get our hopes up.. but I have felt all along that it is a boy! So I am pretty sure too :) But we will see at the next ultrasound :)
Also, on July 28th.. my brother became a daddy again! They named him Ryker Joseph Anderson. He is such a stinking cutie. I wish I lived closer to him so I could see him... but hopefully they can make it to the wedding so I can see him them!