Sunday, March 25, 2012

We're Moving!

We are moving to Idaho Falls, Idaho on April 7th. We are moving over there to be closer to family and Cody got a job over there working for his dad. It will be a great move for all of us but especially for Ryan, because he will be able to be around some family growing up.

Speaking of Ryan, he is doing GREAT! He is getting so big so fast. I can't believe it! He is starting to make little cooing noises and smile at me when I smile at him. He recognizes both Cody & I now by our voices and faces. It's such an awesome feeling :)

Here are some recent pictures of the little man:

just hanging out on mommys lap


so mad!

playing motocross with daddy


bath time!

hi mommy

double chin!

cute lil toes

big blue eyes like daddy

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Rodgers Update!

Well, our little man is 2 weeks old now! The time is flying by. It has been quite the adjustment having him but its been so great and fun! He is a pretty good baby for the most part, he does have quite the little temper though. He screams his head off when: You change his diaper, change his clothes, take him out of the bath, if he is hungry(which seems like all the time) and if I leave him alone in the house somewhere where he can't see me! But other than the times he is screaming from one of those, he is a sweet little guy! I love when he just stares into my eyes, it's so stinkin cute!

Here are some pictures of him the past couple weeks:
Leaving the hospital

Just hanging out

eyes open 


Huge poopy blowout!!!

Mommy & Baby Ryan in the hospital

First real bath

Scrub a dub!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Welcome Baby Ryan!

Our sweet baby Ryan was born on Sunday February 19th at 5:17pm. He weighed 10lbs & 23 1/4 inches long! He is a BIG BOY!!!!

He passed meconium (his first poop) while he was still inside me which made things a little scary and more difficult. I went into labor at about 5pm Saturday night. We went to the hospital at 10pm. Got admitted into labor & delivery at 1am. My water broke at 8:30am and as soon as my water broke my contractions became unbearable. I got the epidural at about 10am. Started pushing at 3pm. By 4pm my epidural had worn off and i could feel everything. He finally made his appearance at 5:17pm after 2 hours of pushing! As soon as he came out they whisked him away to suction out his lungs because of the meconium. He was taken to the NICU and put on oxygen and a bunch of monitors. I was able to see him for the first time around 11pm that night. I hemorrhaged really bad right after I had him and lost so much blood that I couldn't even sit up for I had to be wheeled down to the NICU to see him in a stetcher. By the time I went down to see him, he was still on all the monitors but had been taken off the oxygen. Cody was able to go and see him a lot but I got to go down in a wheel chair and see and hold him on Monday night. It was the most amazing thing ever! But let me tell ya, waiting 24 hours to see your baby is miserable :(

When he was born, him and I both had a fever which made the doctors suspect infection. Because they thought we both had an infection, we were both given a bunch of antibiotics. So they sent my placenta in to be tested to see if we had anything. It took over 48 hours to get the results back which is why Ryan had to stay in the NICU for three days. But it turned out that there was NO infection at all. They suspect we got the fever from the epidural.

So Ryan got to finally come home Wednesday the 22nd:)

It has definitely been a lot different with him here but it has also been amazing! We love him so dang much!

I definitely appreciate everything that my husband Cody has done for us. Because of my hemorrhage I have been restricted to VERY light duty for a while. So he has been doing absolutely everything around the house and waiting on me hand and foot! I do not know what I would do without him! I love him SO much <3

The night he was born

My boys!

While he was still in the NICU

First Family Photo

The night he came home, all swaddled up

Cuddling with daddy

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

40 Weeks & Counting

Well, my due date has come and gone and still no baby Ryan :( He is one stubborn little dude! If he doesn't show up by the 22nd of this month I will be induced at 7am. So I am hoping that he will come on his own because I know it would be better for him.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Maternity Pictures & 36th Week

So we finally got all of our maternity pictures done! Which is a huge relief to have that all done. I love them!

As for the pregnancy, I am definitely beyond ready for him to actually be here. I have been so exhausted and dependent on Cody for everything. I feel like I can't do anything for myself, it sucks! During the day, I am just so tired, pee every hour and getting restless because I want Ryan to just be here already. At night, I can't sleep at all, I wake up every 2-3 hours to go pee & I'm just miserably uncomfortable. Only a couple more weeks is what I just gotta keep telling myself ha!! Cody & I are so excited to be parents!! We have the house totally set up for his arrival and all the bags packed for the hospital. My friend who was just as far along as I am, had her baby last week! So, since then I made sure I had everything all ready, just in case!

Here are some of the maternity pictures from yesterday:

36th Week:

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

35th Week

So baby Ryan could safely be here in TWO weeks! Holy Cow!! The time has flown by! But i'm sure this last few weeks will seem the longest! Especially because of how miserable and uncomfortable I am! I had a doctors appointment yesterday and everything is perfect with both baby and me.