Monday, January 9, 2012

Maternity Pictures & 36th Week

So we finally got all of our maternity pictures done! Which is a huge relief to have that all done. I love them!

As for the pregnancy, I am definitely beyond ready for him to actually be here. I have been so exhausted and dependent on Cody for everything. I feel like I can't do anything for myself, it sucks! During the day, I am just so tired, pee every hour and getting restless because I want Ryan to just be here already. At night, I can't sleep at all, I wake up every 2-3 hours to go pee & I'm just miserably uncomfortable. Only a couple more weeks is what I just gotta keep telling myself ha!! Cody & I are so excited to be parents!! We have the house totally set up for his arrival and all the bags packed for the hospital. My friend who was just as far along as I am, had her baby last week! So, since then I made sure I had everything all ready, just in case!

Here are some of the maternity pictures from yesterday:

36th Week:

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

35th Week

So baby Ryan could safely be here in TWO weeks! Holy Cow!! The time has flown by! But i'm sure this last few weeks will seem the longest! Especially because of how miserable and uncomfortable I am! I had a doctors appointment yesterday and everything is perfect with both baby and me.

Monday, January 2, 2012

The Holidays & 34th Week

Well, I haven't blogged in a couple weeks so I am trying to catch up. We went to Idaho falls to Cody's parents house for Christmas! We got there on Friday the 23rd and when we got there Cody's grandma Beverly wasn't doing very well at all so we spent a few hours with her as soon as we got there. I am really glad that we did that because she passed away later that night. Christmas wasnt the same without her but we still had a great time with everyone for the holiday. Because of her passing we stayed Idaho falls the rest of the next week to spend time with Cody's family and help out with what ever we could. We headed down to Salt Lake for the funeral on Friday and stayed until Sunday.

As for baby Ryan, he is doing great! And I am too for the most part.. I'm just starting to get extremely uncomfortable and borderline miserable especially the past couple days. He is starting to work his way down and it's making my cervix hurt at times. And because of how big he is all his moving around hurts when he gets going on a roll. But he could be here safely in about 3 weeks so yay!!! We cannot wait to meet him!

Christmas Morning