Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Rodgers Update!

Well, our little man is 2 weeks old now! The time is flying by. It has been quite the adjustment having him but its been so great and fun! He is a pretty good baby for the most part, he does have quite the little temper though. He screams his head off when: You change his diaper, change his clothes, take him out of the bath, if he is hungry(which seems like all the time) and if I leave him alone in the house somewhere where he can't see me! But other than the times he is screaming from one of those, he is a sweet little guy! I love when he just stares into my eyes, it's so stinkin cute!

Here are some pictures of him the past couple weeks:
Leaving the hospital

Just hanging out

eyes open 


Huge poopy blowout!!!

Mommy & Baby Ryan in the hospital

First real bath

Scrub a dub!

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  1. hes adorable! so happy for you doll.. congrats!