Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Busy Busy Weekend

So this past weekend we had such a busy weekend!
We went golfing in the morning then to the horse races at 4pm then went to dinner with my best friend Marissa who was in town visiting.
Cody & I at the horse races
We went to the Nightfire Drag Races and spent all day and night out there! It was so much fun & a lot of people from Cody's work were there too. But after a non-stop day on Saturday & Sunday, in the heat and walking a bunch... I was EXHAUSTED!! That busy of a weekend is a little much for a pregnant lady :) But none the less, it was a lot of fun! And it's very rare that Cody and I actually go out and do things!!

So, now its 18 days until the wedding!! It's soo close! I get my dress back from the seamstress tomorrow and I am very excited! I am so ready to be Mrs. Rodgers :)

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