Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Doctors Appointment

Had a doctors appointment today, everything was looking perfect! They measured my belly, pushed on my belly to see how big baby is, listened to his heartbeat, took my blood pressure, weight and checked my sugar. Everything was right where it is supposed to be! They gave me the glucose that I have to drink before my next appointment to check for gestational diabetes, which I am not looking forward too! The doctor did say that she is pretty sure I will be in the clear though, because my weight has been great and so has my sugar!:)

We are looking forward to this weekend, Cody's parent's are coming to visit us for his mom's birthday! We are so stinkin excited to see them! Miss them so much! And since we won't see them again until christmas... it makes it even more exciting that we get to see them in a couple days!:)

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