Friday, October 14, 2011

22 Weeks & 5 Days!

Well, Getting close to 6 months! And man oh man baby Ryan is growing like crazy!! & kicking like crazy too! He always gives a HUGE kick when Cody puts his hand on my belly :) The other night Cody was laying next to me and would say "Ryan" right next to my belly and he would kick hah. then he wouldn't say anything for a few seconds.. then he'd say "Ryan" again and he would kick again. It was so awesome :) He already knows his name hahaha!! Cody and I are both getting so excited to be parents!

So one thing i've noticed to be more pronounced lately is, I am literally the most clumsy & air headed person ever!! I hit an arm, leg or foot on my coffee table at least one a day! I trip over stuff all the time.. And my belly runs into doorknobs haha!!! Last night Cody bent down to pick up something and when he went to stand back up, his head hit my belly! It was soo stinkin funny! We just aren't used to my belly sticking out so far! 

But anyways, Ryan is doing GREAT! And so are Cody and I! We are excited for the Holidays to be coming up! We are going to my parents for Thanksgiving up in Washougal, Washington. And to Cody's parents for Christmas over in Idaho Falls! But after those two trips.. we are staying home until baby ry gets here! And everyone can come and see us :)

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